Winter Tours

16 feet of snow and a warm climate make western Newfoundland ideal for winter adventure.

Our favourites?

Downhill skiing – On Marble Mountain you are as likely to hear a British accent as a Newfoundland one. Europeans have discovered this mountain, now it’s your turn.

Cross-country skiing – With approximately 100 kms of groomed trails in the region, through a range of terrain from wooded valleys to ocean views, the variety is wonderful.

Snowshoeing – Newfoundland’s moose population has risen from 4 animals to 150,000. What better way to go visit than on snowshoes? The opportunities are unlimited – not only can you wander Gros Morne National Park, virtually the entire province is public land and accessible to everyone. Add a cave tour at the end of your snowshoe trip and you have an adventure that you will brag about for years.

Back-country skiing – The saddest day of the year is the day we have to put our back-country skis away. Luckily, with the deep snow, it doesn’t all melt until late May or June so the season goes on long after we have started kayaking and biking again. The late winter and spring is ideal for exploring, with temperatures often up to 15 C (60 F) but ideal snow. Day trips into remote lakes or multi-day tours staying in backcountry cabins and exploring fjords are consistently favourite activities for our guests.