Both our Lighthouse Inns now four star!


We are proud to announce that both our Lighthouse Inns have been upgraded to Canada Select four-star facilities. To achieve this rating, we have made significant upgrades at both Inns. Access at Quirpon has been greatly enhanced. Thanks to two years of effort by our staff, the walking/shuttle route along the island has been improved with the addition of boardwalks over wet areas. This has also allowed us to add shuttles on the island, for those days when the weather prevents us from landing at the dock nearest the lighthouse. We hope that this improved access will open the lighthouse experience to more travelers, so ask us about the new options!

In addition, we have added private bathrooms, with creative workmanship to both fulfill the four-star requirements while maintaining the heritage architecture of the Inns.

Guests will now also be able to view videos of Quirpon and the local sites, such as L’Anse aux Meadows. We continue to work towards improving our offereing and living up to our being selected for the cover of the inaugural Canada Select guide to accommodations in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Thanks to Canada Select for upgrading us to four star!