• Stroll shoreline and hillside trails
  • Feel the serenity of Cape Anguille in the sight of rolling mountains and soaring birds.
  • Our three day itinerary is a great addition to any tour. It will see you:
  • Catch sight – or photos – of rare birds soaring, diving, surfing the ocean & cliff sides
  • Slumber surrounded by sea mist and the sounds of sea surf
  • Tilt an ear to Newfoundland’s own French descendants

The success we have experienced with Quirpon Lighthouse Inn led to our being approached to restore another lighthouse – this time in the southwest corner of Newfoundland. Frankly, we were hesitant because we couldn’t imagine a setting that could equal Quirpon Island but off we went on a sunny day to Cape Anguille Lighthouse.

We were left speechless. Finding the unpolished gem of Quirpon had been a story of serendipity worthy of a book. It was unreasonable to ask for such luck twice in a lifetime and yet there we were, unexpectedly unearthing solid gold in our backyard. After regaining our voices we committed to the restoration before we were back in the car.

Featuring the amazing bird life and scenery which is unlike anywhere else on the island we have developed a short tour to allow you to capture our excitement for the southwest region of Newfoundland. This three day addition to any of our other tours also brings you in contact with the vestiges of French culture which exist in the accents and beliefs of a small number of French descendents.

Perhaps you are a true bird aficionado, or like most of us, have an appreciation for them but little knowledge. Either way, this is the location to experience the best bird life in Newfoundland. As you stroll the cliffs and abandoned fields the osprey will be returning to their nests, the harlequins will be playing in the surf and the eagles will reign all over. (True bird watchers are welcome to view our bird checklist for the area.

Even without the birds, the estuaries, rolling hills, and seaside walks are perfect outings for working up an appetite before relaxing at Cape Anguille Lighthouse Inn and watching the sun dip into the ocean. Or, if you are inclined, try the golfing at St. Andrews na Creige and enjoy all these sites and a round of golf as well.