“We will never forget Newfoundland and we will come again for sure. The absolute highlight was our stay at Quirpon with the amazing team - we really felt at home! “

-Julia H. August 2018

Quirpon Lighthouse Inn - the iceberg lighthouse inn

Quirpon (pronounced kar-poon) offers a unique island experience at a 1922 light-keeper’s home on the shores of ‘Iceberg Alley’. Fully restored by Linkum Tours, Quirpon Lighthouse Inn features ten beautiful rooms at the base of a still-operating lighthouse and is a Registered Heritage Building.

Located off the northernmost tip of Newfoundland, Quirpon is the province’s best location for viewing icebergs as the Labrador Current carries them south. Quirpon Island boasts the longest iceberg-viewing season in Newfoundland, with the last melting in the fall during a good year.

Whales are constant companions off the shores of Quirpon, often coming close enough to the rocks to be touched. Whale experts ascribe this phenomenon to the underwater topography and ample food supply. In addition to Humpbacks and Minke - the presence of which is virtually inevitable - you may spot as many as 27 more species, including Orca, which are being spotted with increasing frequency around Quirpon Island despite becoming a rarer sight elsewhere in Newfoundland.

This array of whale life can be observed from our heated, indoor whale watching station. Read a book in comfort and keep an ear open for whales calling for your attention. Yes, we can deliver tea if you can’t tear yourself away!

Other unique features of Quirpon Island include:

·      Helipad and dock facilities

·      Zodiac tours

·      Whale and iceberg viewing platform

·      Walking trails and tucked-away spots ideal for dozing in the ocean breeze

Included in room price:

 ·     Boat transfer through Iceberg Alley, to and from the island

·      All meals, including homemade traditional suppers 

Room prices per night:

·      Room Rates Max. 2 people: $425-$450

·      Additional child aged 2-16 in room: $50

·      Additional adult aged 17+ in room: $100

Previous guests recommend a 2 night stay for the best experience - the island is large, covered with great walking, surrounded by whales and bergs!

(All prices in Canadian dollars, before tax. Applicable taxes include $3 levy and 15% HST.)


 Reaching Quirpon Lighthouse Inn

 A short and scenic boat ride

The Inn is located on the deserted Quirpon Island, at the northernmost tip of Newfoundland. Follow the signs 3 km off the Viking Trail, 5 km before L’Anse Aux Meadows. Finding the dock is no problem in the tiny town of Quirpon! We’ll cast off the bowline and transport you in comfort to the island, under the careful eye of your experienced Captain. The island lies very close to the mainland, so you are in sheltered waters as you cross the harbour to its shoreline. You will trace the shore as you head alongside the island to our dock.

Hiking the Island

For those who want to stretch their legs or are not keen sailors, ask about the option of hiking the length of Quirpon Island from Grandmother’s Cove. Concerned that hiking may limit your opportunities for spotting icebergs and whales? Don’t be. The route along the high country provides an optimal viewpoint for spotting nature’s giants – both icy and blubbery!

Let our hiking app guide you

When you book with us, you will be given access to an app for your Smartphone that will guide you as you wander the island. This excellent audio app will expose for you the island’s many secrets, from the remnants of ancient sod huts to World War 2 remains. It’s a great way to ensure you don't miss out on the many historic, natural and cultural features of the island.

A four-star experience

We are proud to have been upgraded to a Canada Select four-star facility. To attain this designation, we dramatically improved our access. Thanks to years of effort by the staff, the walking/shuttle route along the island has been greatly enhanced with the addition of boardwalks. This has also allowed us to add shuttles on the island, for those days when the weather prevents us from landing at the dock nearest to the lighthouse. It is our hope that this improved access will open up the unique island lighthouse experience of Quirpon to more travelers, so please ask us about the new options!

In addition, we have added private bathrooms, working to fulfill the four-star requirements while maintaining the heritage of the inn.

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The Island 

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