Day 1

Wander “downtown” Woody Point to explore the shops and waterfront.  This is a colourful outport with wharves and a selection of boats. After building an appetite it is time to head for a meal on a balcony overlooking Bonne Bay. I know the food is great but keep one eye on the ocean so you don’t miss the whales that might be chasing the capelin into the bay, looking for their own seafood supper.

Day 2

Visit the Discovery Centre for an interpretation of the natural and cultural history of the park. From the centre you are able to see the Tablelands, the remarkable stretch of Mars like geology that makes this park a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 3

Today you head north to tour L’Anse aux Meadows.  This ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ is the only Viking site in North America. Meet a Viking (perhaps the self titled but questionably named ‘Bjorn the Beautiful!’) in this 1,000 year old village which has been brought to life. L’Anse aux Meadows shows where European Vikings first set foot in North America, 500 years before Columbus.

Overnight at the northern tip of Newfoundland where Quirpon Lighthouse Inn will draw you into the life of an isolated lightkeeper. This is Newfoundland’s best location for photographing whales and icebergs. Try to beat the captain at spotting them and the whale spouts from the humpbacks, minke and orcas that routinely pass through our waters.

Day 4

Up early to watch the sun rise over the lighthouse.  Discover Quirpon Island and visit the island’s unique sites and delicate biology. Don’t forget to ask about Tuckamore and the story of the mass murder that took place on the island. Take a walk along our cliff-top trails or explore the island following only your whims. Kittiwake colonies and Eider ducks nesting in tiny coves where there used to be a fishing village are favourites. For those with an appreciation of the tiny things, the plant life is amazing, with a variety of beautiful small tundra plants and mosses.

The indoor whale watching station is the perfect spot to get cozy, or perch where you can smell the spouts - on the rocks where this shot was taken.

Day 5

A popular option with guests is to take a Zodiac tour to explore the area around the island and photograph the bergs and whales. This is also a wonderful opportunity to capture the birds that inhabit not only the cliffs but also the waves surrounding the island.

For photographers, the chance to have whales within a few feet of you while you have a solid base for your tripod is not to be missed. Keep an eye out for seals and dolphins as well as the whales!

Day 6

The white sand beaches near Cow Head which are wonderful and usually empty, very nice for a walk (or a swim, for hardier souls). Tonight, enjoy some great local theatre at the Gros Morne Theatre in Cow Head, if you would like to experience the local culture, or wander the town for more shots.

Day 7

Today you enjoy one of the icons of Gros Morne National Park. A 45 minute walk across a bog (known locally as a “mish”) takes you to the dock of the Western Brook Pond Boat Tour. This journey will take you into a deceptively innocuous notch in the granite cliffs that open into a landlocked fjord surrounded by 2000 foot cliffs. Penetrate miles into the mountains in this ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ with Hanging Valleys and waterfalls dropping from a height that makes you dizzy just to see them.

Day 8

One of my favourite spots for photography is Sir Richard Squires Provincial Park where Atlantic Salmon jump the falls in their struggle to reach the headwaters of the Humber River. This is a great spot to relax and watch the salmon leaping at your feet while you try and capture that perfect photo of them in the air. This is where National Geographic comes when they are looking for that ideal salmon shot.

A helicopter tour can also be arranged if reaching great heights is of interest to you - view the fjords from the sky!

Tour Inclusions

  • 7 nights accommodation (including 3 at Quirpon Lighthouse Inn, with all meals)

  • Zodiac Tour

  • Western Brook Pond boat tour

  • Gros Morne theatre

  • Site Pass to L’Anse aux Meadows and Sir Richard Squires Park

  • Midsize vehicle rental

  • Park Pass to Gros Morne National Park


Per Person Price:

  • Self-guided tour for $1,850 + tax, based on double occupancy. Available at any time.

  • Ask us about adding on a helicopter tour!

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes include 15% HST.