Off the Beaten Path - Western Newfoundland

 Visit where fewer people venture to experience more dramatic vistas and discover more hidden gems!

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General Details

  • Humber Valley / Bay of Islands

  • Port au Port Peninsula

  • Codroy Valley and Rose Blanche area

  • Baie Verte Peninsula

  • Springdale area

Would you travel to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower?  Consider chatting with a fisherman more of a cultural highlight than theater?  Then this tour is for you! Visit where fewer people venture to experience more dramatic vistas and discover more hidden gems!

Launch your adventure in the Bay of Islands.  This beautiful area is a walker’s treat of tuckamore, sea caves, secluded beaches, and panoramic vistas.  Sleep by the Humber River and dream of the thousands of salmon swimming past your door.

On to the French Ancestor’s Route and the Port au Port Peninsula.  The unique accents are a relic from a time when the French owned the fishing rights to this gorgeous but often overlooked coastline.  Let your nose lead you to the bread made from communal bread ovens as they did in the 1700s.  A WWII plane crash site is a legacy of the “Friendly Invasion” of the American base in Stephenville.  Sea-carved limestone formations of the “Gravels” crunch under your feet as the waves push beachcombing treasure ashore. 400- meter cliffs are the perfect picnic perch, where the crashing waves below and whales breaching offer the best dessert backdrop in the world!

The Codroy Valley is where the Long- Range Mountains, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and two meandering rivers beautifully frame a fertile oasis.  Stay in lovingly restored Cape Anguille Lighthouse Inn and let the sound of the sea lull you to sleep.

Explore small outport communities and the architecturally unique Rose Blanche lighthouse, built of granite. When the waves are crashing, imagine yourself in a small dory with a Newfoundland dog, rescuing desperate immigrants as they cling to the wreckage of their ships off the rocks of Isle aux Morts.  Teenaged Anne Harvey and her family did just this in the 1800s - more than once!

The Baie Verte Peninsula introduces you to Iceberg Alley.  Fishing boats, with a halo of seagulls, chug into harbour after a successful day’s fishing, and in a nearby outport, immerse yourself in a stillness you can only find in a once vibrant outport village, now abandoned. This, arguably Newfoundland’s prettiest outport, voted itself out of existence a few years ago, so it doesn’t even exist on a map. Wander the boardwalk along the water’s edge, by houses that still have curtains hanging in the windows, as if the owners had just stepped out for a moment. Picture what it was like in this once active outport, where now the only sounds are the waves, whales, and the wind. Visit the abandoned church to ring its bell as a haunting death knell for this, a once vibrant community that survived for centuries but where now, smoke will never again rise from the chimneys. 

Tour Inclusions

  • 7 night’s accommodations (including 2 at Cape Anguille Lighthouse Inn with 2 Breakfasts and 2 suppers),

  • Mid-size Car rental

  • Site passes (Rose Blanche Lighthouse and Dorset Soapstone Quarry)


Per Person Price: $1150.00 + tax, based on double occupancy.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes include 15% HST.