Who we are

Linkum Tours started in 1998 when Ed English was taken by the notion of owning a piece of Newfoundland heritage – the lighthouse on Quirpon Island. The jewel we discovered when we made our way through waist deep spring snow enthralled us and the dream began to take shape. Cheered by the success of our first Inn, in 2004 we added Cape Anguille Lighthouse Inn and are equally delighted. Central to it all, Linkum Tours has a wonderful team - people who plan, guide, and host holidays and generally ensure our guests' enjoyment is complete.

Our philosophy, from 1998 to today, is to help others experience our Newfoundland & Labrador - its people, places, and hidden corners.

  • We are: A group of Newfoundlanders whose pride in our province makes us want to share it with others.
  • We are: Owners of our own unique inns, designed to offer comfort at night in locations that will astound and delight by day.
  • We are: Part of the story. From our Grandfather’s shipwreck to our generations of ancestors who have carved a life from this island. We are true Newfoundlanders.
  • We are: Our guests. The friends we have discovered in our clients helped shape the experiences we offer you. We have learnt more from them than we could have imagined. Their help and suggestions are incorporated into our itineraries and activities.
  • We are: A Biologist, a Geologist, Kayakers, Hikers, Storytellers, a Musician, a Photographer, a Yoga Instructor and all naturally inquisitive.
  • We are: Travellers. When the last of the guests leave, we hop a plane to wander throughout South America, North America and Europe.
  • We are: Licensed guides who are certified in Kayaking, Boating, Canoeing, Climbing, First Aid, Skiing, and Avalanche Safety.

Where we are


Linkum Tours and its Inns have hosted writers, producers and directors for print and visual media, including:

  • Prime TV: On Top of the World, Weird Weddings, Valerie Pringle has Left the Building, This is The Sea 2
  • Newspapers: London Sunday Times, New York Post, London Free Press, National Post, Chronicle Herald, The Times, Boston Sunday Globe, Toronto Sun
  • Magazines: National Geographic Adventure, Robb Report, Saltscapes, National Geographic Traveler, CAA Leisureways, Doctor’s Review, Endless Vacation, Break
  • Travel Guides: Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, Greenwood Guide

Check out our In The News section for more media reviews and stories.

Wonderful artists, writers and other creative folk have also found our locations inspiring. To show our support for their work and acknowledge the beautiful images and words they created during their visits, we would like to name drop a little.

What the Travel Guides say:

  • Frommer’s Guide for Canada lists Quirpon Lighthouse Inn in its places to stay.
  • Lonely Planet Guide to Canada: Their “Off the Beaten Track” destinations include L’Anse aux Meadows, the Viking Settlement area and UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the print edition you’ll see Quirpon Lighthouse Inn listed in where to stay. L’Anse aux Meadows is within kayaking distance of our Inn – or we could take you over in our ferry boat.


In addition to its own planning, touring and accommodation, Linkum Tours works with other organizations to deliver the holiday you have in mind. These links will confirm to you that we partner with the best.

Do you need action in your days with “enough exercise to make you appreciate supper and ensure you sleep well but not so much you regret it the next day“? Whether it be kayaking with bergs and whales, walking Western Newfoundland’s best trails or crawling through caves, Explore Newfoundland offers standard and elite vacation options for any level of excitement.

A variety of airlines provide service into Deer Lake and St. John’s. Direct flights from Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, London (England, not Ontario). We can help identify the best airline and schedule to suit your plans. Within Newfoundland and Labrador we have had great success with Provincial Airlines. For more on getting to Newfoundland and Labrador, visit our Logistics page.