"With a genie-in-a-bottle philosophy to guiding, English’s trademark response to every customer’s wish list is simply, “Sure, we can do that.” Anywhere else in the world there would be extensive scheduling, maps, routes, an itinerary and a long waiver form. But this is Newfoundland and they do things just a little bit differently here. Rub the lamp, speak to the genie and Ed English will make it happen"

- Jo Matyas - Writer on the Loose for Moose The Kingston Whig-Standard

" English, our guide, was doing the thing he likes best- telling stories about his colourful and history-rich province- and if some of them sounded just a little bit unlikely, well, so be it. A story just isn’t a story without plenty of drama. Long and wiry with intelligent eyes and a face full of mischief, English has steeped himself in the history of his island and a late-night chat takes in everything from his eccentric mother (ah, that’s where he gets it from) to the abundance of fine literature produced by a myriad of Newfoundland writers. I recalled our talk later that week when I walked into a bookstore in Corner Brook and was confronted by a wall of books by Newfoundland writers. English is a natural entertainer and his stories of Newfoundland continue nonstop. He talks about people floating their homes on oil drums from here to there, of trucks being toppled by ferocious wind off the North Atlantic, of a man who snowmobiled off a famous fjord in Gros Morne and lived to tell the tale, of the day he was changing a tire on the highway when his car mysteriously began shaking… it was only when he stood up that he realized a rather large moose was scratching its head on the other side of the car."

- Writer on the Rock Good Times Magazine

"Host, captain, and fearless iceberg explorer Ed English is the co-owner of Quirpon Lighthouse Inn."

- New-found Glory New York Post

 "Our guide Ed English, whose company Linkum Tours restored the lighthouse, demonstrated that he is part mountain goat, hiking with an agility that I envied."

- Cathy Stapells - Follow the Viking Trail

 "Formerly with the Newfoundland and Labrador department of tourism, the unquenchably upbeat English teaches survival skills and runs kayak and tour operations (Linkum Tours and Explore Newfoundland) and owns the lighthouse/inn operation at Quirpon (pronounced kar-poon) and another on the east coast of Newfoundland. He knows the history of this place. His grandfather was captain of a boat that ran aground within sight of Quirpon."

- Jim Kernaghan - Newfoundland Unchanged, but Always Changing

 "I meet Ed English, kayak guide, inn owner, and berg connoisseur extraordinaire. English, a Newfoundland native, has glasses, reddish hair and a goofy sense of humor – sort of an X-Games version of Richie Cunningham. “I’ll be your interpretive guide,” he says, and points his paddle toward the white mass in front of us, at the mouth of Quirpon Harbour."

- David Howard - Among the Giants

 "After talking icebergs with English for a while, David and I started referring to him, in awe as Crazy Ed."

- Byron Ricks National Geographic Adventure

"We arrived at Marble Inn and met our hosts, Joe and Ed. They and their crew ran the inn and cabins, a kayak and canoe retail outlet, a sea and river kayaking outfitting and guiding company, a travel agency, Lendal paddle and NDK kayak importers, two lighthouse bed and breakfasts, and lord knows what else. Joe and Ed sat down and chatted with us…we were treated like old friends. We were to find that they always found time to chat with us."

- Michael Daly Kayaking Heaven – well Newfoundland actually

" …our group was led by the indomitable Ed English, dubbed a “provincial treasure” by Brenda, marketing specialist with Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism. As owner of Explore Newfoundland, a premium guiding service for hiking, fishing, kayaking and whale watching, English has tramped these caves since he was a boy with a flashlight and a sense of adventure. …If you ever get the chance to hire English as a guide, make sure he tells you the story of the Newfoundland Ranger Danny Corcoran. At turns horrifying, hilarious and incredulous, English spins a wild yarn as only Newfoundlanders can."

- Sandra Eagle - Wilderness Redux m&it Magazine

"Run by the redoubtable Ed English, an adventure tour operator out of Deer Lake, the Quirpon Lighthouse Inn and its breathtaking setting are regularly celebrated in the pages of the world’s better newspapers, and the establishment deserves as much publicity as can get."

- Rob Beattie - The Grand Outdoors Doctor's Review

"When Ed English read that the government had put the lighthouse and lightkeeper’s dwelling on the island up for sale in 1998, he bought it sight unseen…"

- 2005 Global Travel Guide Outpost

"English, a 40-year-old MBA graduate… bought the lighthouse and two adjoining houses “sight unseen” in 1999, opening the inn in July of the same year after completely refurbishing it."

- Sue-Ann Levy - In the Company of Whales and Icebergs The Toronto Sun’s Destination Magazine ‘TRAVEL’

" I love the storm,” co-owner Ed English says. “This is a great spot to hunker down when the wind is blowing and the waves are pounding below."

National Geographic Traveler