At Linkum Tours we are dedicated to delivering unique holiday experiences.

To ensure the pace and activities match you we offer a variety of vacations from relaxing touring to pulse-raising soft-adventure. Undoubtedly one will fill your holiday with scenery, fun and new discoveries.

NEW !!Bike the Rock

Touring Vacations - Touch on the scenic & cultural jewels of Canada's eastern province:

Although the majority of our clients prefer to drive themselves on the tours, we are happy to offer custom guided tours as well. We will work with you to design something for your individual needs.

Customize - Don't see the perfect vacation? Not to worry, many guests use the above itineraries only as a template. We will design something for your interests. Guided trips are easily arranged if you would prefer to sit back and relax.

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Winter Adventures - Warm, but buried in 16 feet of snow – your 43,000 square mile island playground!


Soft-adventure Vacations

Enough activity to appreciate supper and sleep well, but not enough to regret it next day. Spend peaceful nights in the comfort of our cozy inns:

Linkum Tours' guides, hosts, and planners are all skilled and enthusiastic. Everyone is equally determined to make your vacation unforgettable with the only surprises being whales leaping in the air, moose wandering out of the mist at dawn or finding the perfect painting for that spot in your living room!


Fjords, Icebergs & Moose – Gros Morne & more

Let these five days be an adventure that brings you a lifetime of memories.

  • The dramatic beauty of Gros Morne National Park – caves, seastacks
  • Spectacular fjords and hiking trails.
  • Hunt out the icebergs using your special weapon – us!
  • See Atlantic Salmon jump up the falls to spawning grounds
  • Sample local cuisine and observe local customs
  • Watch moose as they roam the hillsides

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Viking Hut





A Lighthouse Inn + Whales + Bergs

  • Live the life of a lighthouse keeper overlooking  'Iceberg Alley'
  • Hear the Killer Whales' call echoing off massive icebergs in your private cove
  • Sample Viking cuisine in an authentic sod hut
  • Explore the rugged landscape of the National Park
  • Sail to Labrador and see how the past also became our future
  • Wade in saltwater or hike to the falls where salmon jump at your feet
  • Photograph moose and caribou as you journey to see the exposed mantle of the earth

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Cape Anguille Inn





Southwest Newfoundland – a secret!

  • Stroll shoreline and hillside trails
  • Feel the serenity of Cape Anguille in the sight of rolling mountains and soaring birds.
  • Our three day itinerary is a great addition to any tour. It will see you:
  • Catch sight – or photos – of rare birds soaring, diving, surfing the ocean & cliff sides
  • Slumber surrounded by sea mist and the sounds of sea surf
  • Tilt an ear to Newfoundland’s own French descendants




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Best of the East

  • Thousands of gannets close enough to hear their wing beats.
  • Wharves hosting local characters as colourful as the landscape.
  • Our capital city and tiny outports: elegant in their simplicity.
  • If you are lucky enough to have time on your trip, treat your senses to a tour across the island. While you know the scenery will delight your eyes no one anticipates the countless enchanting accents that identify individual communities as clearly as a map.

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Walking & Wandering Newfoundland

  • Explore five regions of Newfoundland.
  • Hike Quirpon island in the north where you strike out along cliffs
  • offering balcony seats to the whales and icebergs.
  • Overlook an International Bird Sanctuary in the southwest corner of Newfoundland.
  • Ever been to Mars? Our walk across the earth's mantle is the next best thing.
  • Picnic at the top of 2,500 foot fjords in Gros Morne National Park.
  • Search for moose, caribou and black bear wandering below.

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Paddle & Stroll

  • Joining us on the water will be massive whales; humpback, minke are the
  • most common but others including Orca and dolphins often come to play.
  • Meet "vast cathedrals of ice" - the most staggering displays nature has to offer
  • Paddle to the Viking site of L’Anse aux Meadows and nap on Sacred Island in the shade of a shipwreck.
  • Hike pristine ecosystems, from arctic landscapes to moose filled forests.

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Captain Joey






NEWS! Men's Journal has picked this as one of the 4 best 'Adventure Cruises' in the world!

  • Explore northern Labrador in the new Torngat Mountains National Park.
  • Immerse yourself in Inuit culture and cuisine with our Inuit partners.
  • Mountains over 1,600 metres, rising directly from the water in huge fjords
  • Polar bears on land and sea patrol the territory.
  • Icebergs parade south from Greenland.
  • See "The Big Land” from the sky on your flightseeing tour over mountains, bergs & bears.
  • Enjoy the ultimate isolation in having 1,000 square kms of mountains to yourself.
  • Relax on our 'mothership' base and reflect on just how few people have ever seen Canada's most spectacular landscape.

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" THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. We met people who just drove the island for 5 days and didn't really get to see much. We met others who didn't really have an agenda and they only stayed in motels so they didn't get to experience  Newfoundland hospitality. Others were there for ten days or two weeks and no one we had met covered as much as we did. We felt really special. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We will definitely tell more people about your tour company and encourage people to visit the ROCK :)" Denise B.


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Anguille Mountains