Our Lighthouse Inns are award winning properties that offer comfort, scenery and history. In keeping with our goal to maintain authenticity, both inns are registered Heritage Properties, and both are operational lights, still guiding mariners to safety. Each location has its own charm - whether your imagination is captured by whales and icebergs on a deserted island or sunsets over the Atlantic, your soul has found a home.


Quirpon Lighthouse Inn now 4 STAR!

Quirpon sunrise


Thanks to Canada Select for upgrading us to 4 Star! We have improved access whether you arrive by boat, ATV shuttle or on foot. In addition there are added private bathrooms and other amenities that add to the experience without compromising the beauty, isolation and heritage mood of the inn. For more information see “Star Rating” on the inn’s page

The quintessential experience of lighthouse life.

As you drift off to sleep in our well appointed inn, let the powerful North Atlantic surf remind you of the hardiness of generations of lightkeepers who have lived in this isolated corner of the globe where nature remains untamed.

At dawn, be certain you introduce yourself to your only neighbours – the whales migrating past your doorstep. With Humpback, Orca, Minke and others in our waters, the panoramic view from our whale watching station or our helipad is unparalleled. Then, take a day to explore the natural beauty & historic remnants of our island.

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Cape Anguille Inn

CApe Anguille Inn

An idyllic setting where rare birds and peace of mind are inevitable.

Our inn at Cape Anguille is a restored century old lightkeeper's home in a beautiful corner of western Newfoundland . It has been designated a Registered Heritage Building for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Surrounding the Inn, the Atlantic Ocean provides a temperamental backdrop to the peaceful landscape dotted with horses and sheep wandering the meadows and hills.

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