Sightseeing Vacations

Discover the scenic, cultural and historic jewels of Canada’s easternmost province

A Lighthouse Inn, whales and ‘bergs

 For a rare experience among nature’s giants, come to Quirpon Lighthouse Inn. This heritage inn will put you in the home of a 1920’s light-keeper, on the shores of ‘Iceberg Alley’. Located off Newfoundland’s northernmost tip, Quirpon is an island off the island – beautifully untouched and uninhabited save for flora, fauna and those most welcome guests – the whales! As many as 27 species may be spotted, among them Humpbacks, Minke and Orca. Its iceberg season is the longest found anywhere in Newfoundland.

Fjords, Icebergs & Moose – Gros Morne & more

 Gros Morne National Park is the place where, millennia ago, continents collided, sending huge, flat-topped mountains high into the sky. Here, glaciers spent thousands of years carving out breathtaking fjords. Moose roam, eagles soar and caribou leap in this place of solitude and dramatic natural beauty. Let these five days be an adventure that brings you a lifetime of memories.


Best of the East – St. John’s to Bonavista

From the energy and character of St. John’s – North America’s oldest city – to tiny outports, elegant in their simplicity, there are many reasons to visit Newfoundland’s eastern coast. Wharves host local characters as colourful as the landscape, thousands of gannets fly close enough for you to hear the beating of their wings. History, nature, culture – it’s all here in abundance.

Southwest Newfoundland – a secret!

 Ssh! Newfoundland’s southwest region doesn’t get all the plaudits, but it is a mecca for birdlife and boasts scenery quite unlike anywhere else on the island. We have developed a short tour that captures the excitement of the area. Available as a three-day addition to any of our other tours, this excursion will also put you in contact with the vestiges of French culture that exist in the accents and culture of a small number of French descendants.