Polar bears, Inuit culture and mile high mountains in Canada's newest park. Explore northern Labrador in the Torngat Mountains National Park, with mountains over 1,600 metres, rising directly from the water in massive fjords.

2017 Dates: August 5 - 12. Optional add-on backpacking August 12 - 16



General Details

Men’s Journal has picked this as one of the 4 best ‘Adventure Cruises’ in the world!


  • Arrive at Basecamp on your charter flight from Goose Bay.
  • Using the zodiacs and other boats, spend days exploring the fjords that define this coastline.
  • To get a feeling for the shear isolation and scale of northern Labrador, camp out at the base of the mountains.
  • Visit Hebron, the abandoned community host to the historic Moravian church.
  • Helicopter tours are available! Seeing the mile-high mountains from above is an experience not to be missed, particularly for photos.
  • Going home on Day 8? The charter takes you back to Goose Bay. Staying for the optional 4 day hike? Load your pack!

This tour explores the northern extremes of Labrador. The highlight of the trip is the new Torngat Mountains National Park Reserve. In addition to mountains over 1,600 metres, the fjords that slash into them for miles make for a dramatic landscape. Polar Bears and Black Bears both patrol the territory and icebergs parade south from Greenland. In addition to nights at the official basecamp, we spend nights in the fjords, surrounded by ancient rock and culture. Our days are filled walking in the mountains and fjords. Meals feature local foods and the entire trip is an exploration of local culture as much as the landscape. Also included is an opportunity for flightseeing over the mountains and seashore to see “The Big Land”, icebergs and animals from the sky. We also leave the park to visit Hebron, the site of an abandoned community which has a massive Moravian church, prefabbed in Germany and built in Hebron in the 1830s.

When we set out to explore the Torngats we were prepared to be awestruck by the scenery. What we hadn’t anticipated was the culture becoming the lens through which the entire experience of The Big Land would be seen. Our clients agree – living day to day with our Inuit partners not only brought their history alive but also added unexpected depth to our understating of the land and the sea. Traditional food was our daily fare, from fresh arctic char on deck at sunset to snacking on traditional plants as we hike. In all our adventures we endeavour to remove anything that can come between the traveller and the experience. In Labrador one of the subtlest barriers to truly appreciating the land and the civilization is our own culture.

Step away from the trappings of western society and allow our Inuit hosts to introduce you to an ancient and still vibrant world. We travel only with what we need to remain safe and comfortable but leave behind the excess accoutrements that actually separate us from appreciating the experience.


  • Introduce guests to the beauty of northern Labrador.
  • Include culture and history as an integral part of the tour.
  • Deliver authentic culture and experience via integration with the local Inuit.
  • Increase awareness of this truly pristine corner of our province.
  • Provide amazing photo opportunities. Of all our tours, the photos from the Torngats stand apart for their scale and diversity.
  • Raise the profile of Canada’s newest addition to the National Park System.

Who should join us: Travellers who understand the value of cultural diversity as well as biological diversity are ideally suited to this geographic and spiritual journey. If standing in 5,000 year old tent rings while hearing stories of our friend’s 13 year old Grandmother’s solo journeys appeals to you, please join us. If gathering your meals from what the land provides and helping to prepare it in traditional recipes sounds exciting, join us. If letting nature set the itinerary as it always has in this remote land allows your soul to get back in synch with nature, join us.

Why join us: Perhaps a past client says it best, “We wanted to thank you for making the trip to the Torngats such a memorable one – one that is a highlight among all our traveling experiences. It would not have been anywhere near the kind of intimate introduction to the land and elements, the people and the history were it not for Angus and Sequoia (Angus’s bear dog), and the wonderful way he/you guided us throughout.” Diana K.

Safety: Our primary concern is safety. Our guides are as highly trained and certified and they are experienced in this landscape. They include local Inuit as well as our own guide whose background in helping to create the park offers our guests and unequalled and broad range of interpretation.


This is our goal but, needless to say, nature is in control in Labrador more than most places on earth so flexibility is almost a certainty.

Day 1

Fly north and land in Saglek fjord. Overnight in the compound in Saglek fjord where guests can chat with park staff and researchers who are stationed in northern Labrador to develop a better understanding of this eco-system.

Day 2 & 3

Explore Saglek fjord via boat and foot. Kayaking is another option for those that want to explore in silence. Rose Island is must-see. The sod hut remains are combined with individual and group stone graves to make this a truly ethereal land. Add to that that you are looking at rocks that are almost 4 billion years old and you understand the impermanence of our visit.

Day 4

Continuing north to hike to Ramah. This is the site of remarkable chert that has been worked into tools for thousands of years. The presence of this chert in far-flung archeological digs lends proof to the surprising trading that occurred thousands of years ago. Last year we enjoyed the mist settling around us as we hiked and the silence that allowed us to hear the breathing of the animals as they passed us, unseen.

Day 5 & 6

Nachvak. Hiking, kayaking and, for the hardy folks, swimming. I know it sounds chilly but our last group spent 20 minutes swimming with huge arctic char. This is a popular spot for the polar bears having a dip as well so we may have to let them take their turn first. You won’t know whether to look up at the peaks around you or at your feet for the tiny plants. Ancient archeological sites provide a base for hiking into the mountains to follow traditional routes where the paths are kept alive by the caribou and bear.

Day 7

South to Hebron. The restoration of the Moravian church is an impressive undertaking, even in modern times. To think that this massive building was brought and assembled here in the 1800s is even more astounding. While in Hebron be certain to visit the cemeteries of German missionaries and ancient stone graves dating back thousands of years. As we steam south your challenge is to spot the animals scattered about the mountains before the experienced eyes of our guides see them.

Day 8

In and around basecamp and back to Goose Bay. This is your chance to meet local artists to view their carvings before you have to fly out to rejoin reality.

Tour Inclusions

  • Charter flight from Goose Bay to Torngats (return).
  • Accommodations in basecamp and remote camps.
  • All meals days 1-8.
  • Transportation to and from airstrip.
  • Guide, bear guard and bear dog.
  • Clients are required to supply their own alcohol and clothing.


Per Person Price: $8,300 + tax based on 2016 availability. Please call for 2017 prices.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Plus applicable taxes.


Tempted yet? I know how to convince you - have a look at photos from past tours! Please visit: TORNGATS